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3 Hour Diet

The 3-Hour Diet features the timing of meals. It emphasizes eating the right foods in appropriate portions every three hours. Doing this spreads three meals out into five or six smaller meals. The 3-Hour Diet recommends eating breakfast within one hour of rising, eating every three hours after that, then stop eating three hours before bedtime. The diet was developed by Jorge Cruise, weight management expert and author of the best-selling book, The 3-Hour DietT (HarperCollins, 2005).

The 3-Hour Diet emphasizes portion control, rather than what you can eat. All foods are allowed in the diet, as long as they're eaten in the correct portions at the right time. The diet's "visual timing method" helps you balance meals at about 400 calories each. Visualizing a 9 inch plate, you see four items including a Rubik's cube representing the carbohydrate portion of the meal, a deck of playing cards representing the protein portion (about 3 ounces), a water bottle cap representing the fat portion, and three stacked DVD cases representing the fruit or vegetable portion. Cruise believes that eating food portions in this way at the correct time promotes weight loss.

The 3-Hour Diet recommends eating five or six small meals, every three hours. Each 400 calorie meal of breakfast, lunch and dinner is followed by a 100-calorie snack three hours later. For example, if breakfast is at 7 AM, three hours later at 10 AM you enjoy a 100-calorie snack, three hours later at 1 PM is lunch, three hours later at 4 PM is a snack, three hours later at 7 PM is dinner, and three hours later at 10 PM is a snack. This last snack needs to take place three hours before bedtime. Cruise claims that eating this way increases the baseline metabolic rate (the rate your body burns calories), keeps blood sugar levels stable, increases energy and decreases appetite. He believes that by increasing the baseline metabolic rate, you increase the body's fat burning metabolism. However, research hasn't confirmed that eating five or six smaller meals creates an improved metabolism. Rather, many experts believe that weight loss from this diet is simply due to the reduction of calories from portion control.

"The biggest mistake you can make when trying to lose weight is to skip meals," states Jorge Cruise, on his website. "Skipping meals causes you to lose control of your appetite and then overeat at night. And it causes your metabolism to slow down, because your body will consume precious fat-burning lean muscle."

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