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 Accelis Accelis® is a stimulant-free weight-loss supplement that promises a rapid weight loss of an average of 10.65 pounds. It includes nutrients derived from herbs and botanicals that may help promote weight loss. Accelis'® proprietary blend of ingredients include Lagerstroemia speciosa leaf extract  (standardized for 3% corosolic acid), caffeine-free green tea extract, caffeine-free oolong tea extract, caffeine-free white tea extract, chamomile, passion flower and soy phosopholips.

Accelis® has conducted a preliminary clinical study of their weight loss product.  However, this study has not been published in a scientific journal. "In an 8-week clinical study, subjects using the key ingredient in Accelis lost an average of 10.65 pounds, as compared to subjects using a placebo, who lost an average of only 5.87 pounds." states the manufacturer. "Both groups followed a calorie-controlled diet."

Research suggests that Lagerstroemia speciosa (also known as Banaba leaf) may lower blood sugar levels in diabetic humans and animals. The caffeine-free teas may help promote weight loss, although caffeine has been shown to increase thermogenic (calorie-burning) effects. Removing caffeine from the teas may affect its thermogenic effectiveness. Chamomile and passion flower can help promote relaxation. Soy phosopholips can produce a mild estrogenic effect and help protect against heart disease.

For best weight loss results, Accelis® recommends using their dietary supplement in addition to a healthy eating plan and exercise program. Accelis® also recommends that you consult with your physician prior to using their product if you have a medical condition or are taking any prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Accelis® products should not be used by women who are pregnant or nursing.

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