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 Lipovarin Lipovarin® dietary supplement promises to increase the metabolism, burn fat, suppress appetite, and promote weight loss.  Lipovarin® does not require FDA approval since it doesn't contain drugs 

Lipovarin® includes nutrients derived from herbs and botanicals that may help promote weight loss and boost mood. The supplement contains 7-keto (a metabolite of the adrenal hormone DHEA), Advantra Z (citrus aurantium), green tea extract, serotain (derived from Griffonia simplicifolia), carnitine, metabromine, coral calcium, caffeine, glucoronolactone and taurine.

The manufacturer, Sterling Grant Laboratories, has not conducted clinical studies of Lipovarin® . However, research suggests that citrus aurantium (known as synephrine), 7-keto, and carnitine may have thermogenic (fat-burning) effects and promote weight loss. In addition, metabromine (derived from cocoa), and serotain (a precursor of the brain transmitter serotonin) may have a positive effect on mood. Green tea extract has been found to modestly elevate the metabolic rate, while caffeine is a recognized stimulant.

The manufacturer claims that Lipovarin® is "100% safe, natural and effective".

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