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The Personal Training System or PTS is a diet and exercise program developed by Progressive Health Nutraceuticals, to lose weight and create the ideal physique within a 12 week period. The PTS Ebook offers valuable weight management information to help achieve and maintain a healthy weight, maintain optimum wellness, and improve quality of life. Progressive Health Nutraceuticals offers the PTS Ebook free with their weight loss supplement, Lipitrex, or it can be purchased and downloaded online. 

The PTS guide thoroughly explains the basics of nutrition and dieting. It includes an overview of the three essential dietary macronutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as micronutrients such as vitamin and mineral supplementation. Also featured is a comprehensive food index of high quality, healthy foods to include in the diet. Sample meal plans are given for morning, afternoon, and evening meals. Each person's food choices can be incorporated into the meal plans to create individualized daily and weekly meal plans. Micronutrient 'core' supplementation including protein additions, meal replacements, multivitamins/minerals, L-glutamine, and essential fatty acids (EFA) are recommended to help control appetite, eliminate food cravings, enhance thermogenesis (calorie expenditure), and insure proper nutrient intake.

Progressive Health Nutraceuticals developed the Personal Training System with proven scientific principles that can be applied to each individual, since the diet and exercise program is based on personal preferences. The PTS step-by-step guide features complete 12-week workout and meal plans that are customized for each individual. The workout program includes useful cardiovascular and strength training guides as well as fully illustrated exercises. There is also a complete explanation of how to take accurate body measurements, including body fat, along with statistical informational charts.

The PTS is not only for losing weight within the 12 week period, but for creating a healthy lifestyle to permanently maintain your best weight and achieve optimal health. It explains how to set goals to guarantee weight loss success. It also gives tools to help overcome physical and psychological problem areas in your life.

"Dedicate at least 12 weeks of your life to both diet and exercise, and see if you can make a positive change," write the PTS authors. "If you apply what is outlined in this book, you can and will transform your body into one that you have always desired."

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