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 Thyrotril Thyrotril® is a weight loss supplement formulated for people who have poor thyroid output (hypothyroidism). Thyrotril® promises to enhance thyroid activity, boost the metabolism and promote weight loss. It contains a Thyrotrem® proprietary formula which includes guggulsterones (an Indian tree resin extract), selenium (a trace mineral), L-tyrosine (an amino acid), olive leaf extract, atlantic kelp and bioperine (black pepper extract).

The manufacturer, Sterling Grant, has not conducted clinical studies of Thyrotril®. However, research suggests that guggulsterones may stimulate the thyroid gland and increase T3 thyroid hormone levels. Selenium, L-tyrosine, and atlantic kelp (a rich source of iodine) may also increase thyroid hormone levels. High levels of thyroid hormones can increase the breakdown of fat and decrease the production of fat. Olive leaf extract is used for immune support. Bioperine (black pepper extract) may enhance the absorption of supplements in the body.

Thyrotril® may not be advisable for people with normal levels of thyroid hormones. Prior to using Thyrotril®, consult with your physician and get your thyroid hormone levels checked with blood work.

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