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eDiets.com is an online diet and fitness resource that provides customized weight management plans and fitness programs. eDiets.com is one of the most popular weight management companies on the web, with over 1.2 million members. Their weight loss program is not restricted or limited to a particular diet plan. They offer a choice of over 20 diet programs including eDiets.com Weight Loss Plan, Atkins,The Zone Diet, Mayo Clinic Plan, Glycemic Impact Diet, New Mediterranean Diet, and Slim-Fast Optima Diet.

To find the right diet plan, the client answers an eDiets.com questionnaire about their food preferences, diet history, lifestyle and weight loss goals. eDiets.com then plans meals according to the client's customized diet plan with a weekly meal plan, shopping lists and meal substitutions. Another service, called eDiets Express Delivery Program, cooks and delivers meals according to the client's personalized diet. eDiets.com offers 24 hour access to online and email support, recipes, member chat rooms, online counselors and nutritionists, and message boards.

eDiets.com's fitness program is a separately billed subscription. They offer customized fitness programs including a strength program and cardio training. Their choice of fitness programs includes total Body Makeover, Get Moving with Bob Green and eDiets.com Fitness.

In a study published in Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers found little published proof on whether eDiets.com and other online diets work. "These programs were associated with high costs, high attrition rates, and a high probability of regaining 50% or more of lost weight in 1 to 2 years," the study authors write. "Commercial interventions available over the Internet and organized self-help programs produced minimal weight loss."

In another study, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania randomly assigned 47 overweight women to either eDiets.com or a weight loss manual (LEARN Program for Weight Control 2000). At the end of the study, researchers found that those who had used the manual had lost significantly more weight than those using eDiets.com.  After four months, eDiets.com users lost about 1% of their initial weight compared with 3.6% of the manual users. After one year, losses increased to about 1.1% and 4%, respectively. "This study provides consumers with important information about the probable benefits they can expect from participating in a popular Internet-based weight loss program," the study authors write.

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